Services we provide

Start a business

We provide advice on how you can invest in your (new) company. In some cases we increase your solvency percentage by co-investing in the company or by supplementing your own contribution to the home.


Based on your wishes, we process your administration or we teach you how to (partially) process the administration yourself. In the latter case, we act, for example, as a sounding board for accounting questions.


As a self-employed person with personnel, you will have to deal with a lot of extra administration such as drawing up salary slips, preparing and sending the tax return for payroll tax and accounting processing.

Prepare financial statements

Rosmerta Asset Management prepares the financial annual accounts for your company and helps you with the income tax return. We also provide a detailed explanation of the operating results.

Our additional services

Tax matters

Our extensive experience in filing tax returns makes it possible that we can correctly prepare the returns and also implement the most recent tax-related savings.

Resolve tax debt

The Tax and Customs Administration applies far-reaching powers to tackle entrepreneurs with tax debts. This can jeopardize the survival of your company.

Investment properties

Buy and finance investment property? We provide commercial mortgages with a term of 2 – 10 years from an amount of € 100,000 to approximately three million euros. Usually 20-30% of your own money is sufficient. We finance the rest (loan-to-value).

Housing mediation

Rosmerta helps self-employed people, from Central and Eastern Europe, find a free sector rental home, because otherwise they have a too short registration period and often earn too much to be eligible for a social rental home.


We work with very affordable all-in prices in subscription form. This way you know exactly where you stand and you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises. In addition, we offer you the option of a no-obligation and free intake interview of 30 minutes.

During this meeting, we provide non-customers with an explanation of our working method and rates. Do you want an administration office that thinks along with you? Please contact us and make an appointment today for a no-obligation introduction.