About Rosmerta

Welcome to Rosmerta Asset Management. We specialize in, among other things, offering a wide range of administrative services and housing mediation for freelancers from Central and Eastern Europe. Our core activities include, for example:

keeping / taking over salary and financial administrations for / from small businesses and taking care of factoring of, among other things, tax debts; and

mediation in trading, renting or letting of real estate and mediating / providing financing within a broad spectrum of investment disciplines for asset management.

Our vision

Our vision is that freelancers from Central and Eastern Europe should be able to work or do business independently, safely and in good working conditions and that, regardless of their craft, they should have the same rights and opportunities as other self-employed entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

That is why we invest our earnings in projects that increase the position of the target group and we are fully committed to improving access to business services, solving the administration, finances, debts and housing for self-employed people from Central and East. Europe.

On behalf of our customers, we maintain contact with the housing cooperative (s) and prepare the necessary documents for them, such as the processing of their invoicing and accounting.

In accordance with their assignment, we prepare, among other things, annual accounts including balance sheet and profit and loss account on the basis of the information they provide. In addition, we also take care of the tax return and we help to get rid of tax arrears and to stabilize income and benefits.

Our mission

Our mission is to help freelancers from Central and Eastern Europe, with an annual income of € 45,000.00 or more, to better access to business services and to find a free sector rental home, because otherwise they will have a too short registration period and often earn too much to be eligible for social housing in the short term.

If the self-employed person does not have an annual income of at least € 45,000.00, but does have a partner who is employed, so that this self-employed person with the partner’s wages will certainly have an aggregate income of € 45,000.00 or more per year, we are happy to help them on their way to a new home.

In order not to miss any opportunities, in the future we will also focus on the financing of (own) investment properties with the aim of offering professional (temporary) accommodation to labor migrants.


We work with very affordable all-in prices in subscription form. This way you know exactly where you stand and you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises. In addition, we offer you the option of a no-obligation and free intake interview of 30 minutes.

During this meeting, we provide non-customers with an explanation of our working method and rates. Do you want an administration office that thinks along with you? Please contact us and make an appointment today for a no-obligation introduction.