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Do you have questions about your administration, payroll or tax matters? Do you want to start a business and are you looking for an administration office that thinks along with you? Or do you simply want to stabilize your income for an affordable home? We at Rosmerta are ready for you and are happy to welcome you as a (new) customer.

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    Minimum income composition

    Because household finances are fairly complex, problems regularly arise with income or benefits. As a result, clients do not always make optimal use of all the facilities they are entitled to.

    The total income is then too low, which leads to debts. Rosmerta will be happy to check for you whether you are entitled to certain provisions and allowances to supplement your income.

    • Salary
    • Participation benefit (Assistance)
    • Individual income allowance
    • Housing allowance
    • Care allowance
    • Child budget
    • Child allowance
    • Child benefits
    • Income-related combination tax credit
    • Collective health insurance
    • Remuneration of municipal taxes
    • Contribution sports / culture for children
    • Waivers of water board tax
    • Co-working deduction